Privacy Policy


At Bali Beach Web Privacy Policy, we are concerned about potential privacy issues related to our visitors. That’s why we want to help you understand the methods we use to collect. Use and disclose your personal information through our site.


What does this Privacy Policy mean?

With the help of this Privacy Policy, you will learn more about our practices related to the personal information that our website may collect via our pages hosted on our unique URL address.

It is our right to modify the Bali Beach Web Privacy Policy at any time. So every change we make will be announced publicly. We leave a short period of time before we actually implement these changes to the Privacy Policy.

Make sure that you are checking our email messages and our website on a regular basis.

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What kind of personal information do we gather?

First of all, there are a few different types of personal information. That we may get from you while you are on our website:

– Information you provide.

In case you use our website’s contact form or sign up to receive marketing emails. You will have to share some personal info with us. This info includes things like email address, phone number, personal name, physical address and similar information related to your request. This information is used only to help process the request.

– The Information that our website may collect from you.

Tracking images – Our website uses tracking images. They represent tiny images which are downloaded whenever you go to a third party website from our website. We are using finally this to check your behavior as an Internet user and to improve our website.

Cookies and ads – In case you use our website, there is a chance that we will place cookies on the browser you are using. It is up to you to accept these cookies or not. Keep in mind that you may lose some privileges if you block these cookies.

Where does the information we collect from our visitors go?

There is more than one good reason why we collect your information:

– To guarantee smooth viewing experience.

– Meet your requests and expectations.

– To send useful information related to our website, modifications to our Privacy Policy and other policies and other similar administrative information that may be relevant to our visitors.

–  Share information about our services and products. Special deals and promos via email. But only when you agree to receive such information.

– For our internal purposes related to business in general like analyzing data, creating new offers, improving our website, identifying visitor behavior and trends and more.

Then what’s the legal ground that allows us to use visitor’s personal information?

The majority of the processing of visitor’s personal information which is collected through this website and used as mentioned above is based on your acceptance or our legal right to collect this information.

Keeping the personal information safe.

We guarantee that we will never disclose personal information on 3rd parties unless it’s permitted and required by law or you have allowed us to do this.


3rd party websites.

With this Privacy Policy we are not covering and we are not taking any responsibility for the information.

Privacy or other similar practices of 3rd party websites.

The link present on our website doesn’t mean that we endorse the linked site.

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Safety and security.

Our website relies on solid technical, organizational and administrative measures to keep the personal Information protected. I use modern encryption of connections. Keep in mind that Internet data transmission is not 100% secure on any website.

Email Ads.

There is an option for every visitors to choose to get email marketing offers from our website and get subscribed to our website too. In case you lose interest in our email ads, and you don’t want to receive any emails related to our offers, you can unsubscribe at any moment. You can also contact us on our official email if there are any issues.

Visitors’ rights.

In case you want to get information about the Personal Information that our website keeps or you need to update or change your Personal Information you can contact us on our official email at any time. If we process this information with your consent or in order to get in touch with you, you will also get Personal Information which you have given to us.

If you want us to process the Personal information you’ve provided with your consent, you can always withdraw the consent. A good example is a case when you can decide to stop receiving email marketing messages from our website.

In addition, you should feel free to contact the data protection agency that has power over us with any possible complaints, questions or suggestions you may have. We are working under the national law of Indonesia.

Period of retention.

It is our right to retain any personal information we’ve got from you for the period we need to fulfill the purposes explained in this Privacy Policy. The only exception is the situation in which we can use longer retention period if that’s required or allowed by different laws and regulations

Getting in touch with us.

Finally in case you have any suggestions or questions related to this Privacy Policy: Also don’t hesitate to contact us via email at any time of the day.