Sawangan Beach

Today, Sawangan Beach is used by many people for different purposes. The northern part is used by fishermen while the other parts are used for sunbathing. The water of this beach is crystal clear and due to the fact that there are many waves, this foreshore is visited by surfers too.

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It’s good to know that Sawangan Beach Bali is popular among people who are interested in marine life too because there are some specific fish and other living beings that appear in the water. This is a well-organized and attractive foreshore with all the amenities you need. Another very good option is Geger Beach, here you have the link:


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The specific terrain of this shoreline and the area around it makes it a little bit difficult for surfers. If you are interested in spectacular surfing sessions, then you should look for another option.

This area it’s special for romantic pictures. Yet, if you love swimming then you’ll enjoy Sawangan Beach Bali. There is also a famous Hotel Hilton where you can take a drink and use the magic pool if you want to. Additionally, many people are taking a tour with Camels on this location.

Needless to say, you can visit local bars and restaurants, more things to do in Sawangan. While you are there you can visit the sacred area which is part of the famous Balinese temple of Pura Dalem Karang Boma.

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Special Family and Kids.

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Sawangan belongs to an area which has a tropical climate.

In Sawangan Beach Weather, for those who didn’t know, a tropical climate is characterized by warm weather and stable temperatures regardless of the season.

The only thing that is changing here in terms of weather elements is the rainfall. There is a distinctively dry and wet season.

Remember!!! is all about sunbathing, swimming and enjoy your holidays.

It would be best to visit it during the dry season which stretches from April to August.

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People have been visiting the island for decades and as a result of its popularity, we can find many different types of accommodations here. As one of the leading foreshore in Bali, Sawangan and the nearby area are filled with some luxurious hotels. For instance, just a couple of hundred of meters from the shoreline, you can find hotels that belong to famous hotel chains like Grand Hyatt and Hilton Bali Resort.

There are many resorts in this area, but there are also many lodges, homestay options, apartments for rent and other solutions for tourists with small and big budgets. A simple online research should provide you a wide array of options that you can use.

Keep in mind that the prices are different in different periods of the year.

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We have already mentioned this foreshore is situated in the southern part of Bali. You can see that on any Sawangan Beach map. Getting to this place is actually quite easy. You will have to follow the Jl. Gunung Payung I road, a paved road that will make you stop at Hilton Hotel. There is a huge parking space and a few access points. You can get a taxi and get there too. Some people are using boats. Even walking is an option for some travelers.

When we take all these things into account, we can confirm that this area is yet another Bali beach that is worth checking.

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