Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Bali is one of the foreshore that are covered in white sand and secret beach by relatively high limestone cliffs. Those who have the time to climb the cliffs and have good cameras can take some spectacular photos, like Uluwatu. Day-trippers, bathers, and surfers are the most common categories of people found on this seashore.

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This area has a bar that are offering deck chairs, but you can also bring your own equipment which is probably a more cost affordable solution. The development in the last years has made Dream Land more accessible which is why the number of tourists that go there has increased too. During the popular periods of the year, you will probably have to come earlier to this place to find free space. This is the last seaside of Nusa Dua, the next one is in the heart of Bali, in Kuta.

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As we already mentioned, Dream land Beach is a gathering spot for many surfers. This is a shoreline with great surfing conditions and according to the experts, it is ideal for intermediate surfers.

You can find a break that is not very shallow and a break that goes right and left. While you are there, you can also visit the local small shops where you can find souvenirs and other useful stuff. You can also try some local foods too.

Those who have visited the Bali Beach say that this foreshore has one of the best sunsets in Indonesia. If you are interested in swimming, here in Dreamland it's really dangerous, because the current can make swimming difficult.

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Secret Beach.

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Certainly Dreamland Bali has become very popular foreshore and you should not only look for the weather conditions when you want to go there.

Dreamland weather, like all island of the Gods is located very close to the equator. Similar to other places close to the equator.

This Island has a warm, humid, tropical climate.

The temperature is similar all year long, but there are two distinctive seasons in terms of humidity: Dry and Rainy Season.

Avoid Indonesian and local holidays because this place can get very crowded.

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Just like any other place on the Island, Dreamland Beach Hotel is offering more than one good accommodation option. One of them is Klapa Resort, which is the closest resort to this shoreline. This is a modern accommodation that is equipped with everything modern travelers need.

Additionally, you can try some of the many homestays and hotels like New Kuta Hotel, Taman Mulia, Duke’s Bingin Villas and more. All these accommodation solutions are located close to Dream land Beach Hotel and you can get there by foot if you want to. Do some research before Dreamland hotels are offering discounts and special deals from time to time.

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This foreshore is situated on the west side of the Bukit peninsula which is actually the southernmost part of the island of Bali. It is actually very easy to get to Beach Dream Land. The recent development projects in Kuta are one of the reasons for that. There is a road that goes directly to the foreshore – Jl. Pantai Cemongkak.

On top of that, if you go there by car, you can find many parking spots and getting to the foreshore from the car park is very easy. Obviously, it’s possible to get there by bus and even by boat if you want to. The only international airport on Bali is located less than an hour drive from Dreamland Beach Map.

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