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About Me. My name is Nora Waysand and I was born in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. This is a relatively small city situated on the eastern coast of Queensland. This is probably the main reason why i have always been fascinated by the sea and ocean. When I was 9 years old, my family moved to Italy for 5 years. After that, we’ve moved to Valencia, Spain. My childhood was a little bit dynamic at least when it comes to moving from one place to another, but my passion for water activities remained.

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When I turned 18 years old I have decided to move and live in my hometown – Mackay. But, the fact that I was traveling a lot in my childhood and teen days has activated my adventurous spirit. In other words about me, even though I was based in Mackay, I wanted to travel around the world, to meet new people, explore new places and experience new things.

What can I do for you?

I will be glad to present you the best beaches in Bali. I have visited all the beaches on this island and you can expect to get detailed information about the hidden beaches, the best snorkeling spots on this island, the best places for diving and more.

Obviously, most of the content here is dedicated to surfing which is the king of sports in Bali. On this website, you can find the right beach based on your surfing level. There are great beaches for beginners, intermediate and pro surfers.

Additionally, you can learn how and where to rent equipment more cheap.

I have visited many places in my life, but I can freely say that Indonesia is the country that I fell in love with. This is the country that I love. Of course, I am still living in Mackay, but I am traveling to Bali all the time. I am staying longer on this island during the best seasons which means that Bali is my second (and sometimes first) home.

It’s really easy to love this magical island because it has so many great things to offer – from the charming people and great weather to the amazing places and incredible nature. I am a great fan of surfing and diving and Bali is definitely one of the best places for activities like this.

Now let me show you the best things about the Island of the Gods!

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Use Bali Beach Web if you want to learn more about the best hotels, villas, and resorts.

I have carefully categorized accommodation options based on price and type – luxury, normal and cheap.

If you decide to book a private villa or hotel, I won’t get any money from that facility because I will get only a commission from Booking.

In other ways, you will pay the same price.

If you need more information check Privacy Policy.


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